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Andrew McGregor’s Junior Captain’s Day 2014

Tue July 08 2014


For the first time ever, Andrew McGregor’s Junior Captain’s Day was held on the evening of Friday 13th June with great success.

Fortunately there were only good omens for the day! Over 40 Junior members were in attendance and activities ranged from the annual tournament, a BBQ, a treasure hunt, table tennis competition to  Will Boyd’s one point tournament. It was also an occasion for Stuart McQuitty to say goodbye to his little tennis darlings and to welcome our new Director of Tennis Ross McCarey to the Downshire Academy.

The 6 teams that took part were teams Garmin,Sky,Cannondale,Movistar,Argos Shimano and Astana. Each team played 4 matches each lasting 10 minutes with short deuces. Each game was worth a point to the team. If any team won a game to love that team would gain a bonus point.

The 2 teams who made it to the final were Team Cannondale captained by John Foster and featuring Eileen Carlin, Handy Boyd, Anne Orr, Ruth Logan, Mark Gowdy, Sara McCorkell and Barbara Walker and Team Garmin captained by John Mercer and featuring David Mills, Cathryn Law, Raymond McNeill, Lynn Bunting, Elaine Tougher and Tina Magee.

It was a very closely fought final with Garmin emerging as champions by 1 solitary point 8 – 7.