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Downshire Tennis Club Development Update for June 2014

Tue July 08 2014

The Committee continue to progress plans for two new covered courts at Old Coach Road beside the Football Club.

The Project Manager has received prices from the lowest tender companies for a rephrased project, e.g no Clubhouse, tarmacadam roadway and use excavated material.  A revised price of £375k including VAT has been obtained. This may increase to £400k to allow for unknown variances which may occur. Procurement strategy will be reviewed during this year, and options for single or multi contractors and other cost down measures considered with a view to reducing prices for 2016.

The Club will fund the project from its own funds, forecast bank balance, September 2016= £300k and a bank loan of £100k, paid off over 15 years and secured against Park Street site value est. £600k.

The Committee will continue to advance on the following basis:-

  • The continued availability of the land, the Club has not formalised the lease until project start date is confirmed- forecast April 2016.
  • The Club will support a profit improvement plan based on, increasing membership and fundraising. Targeting £60k (see Appendix 1 attached for details.)
  • The members agree to pay in 2015 an average extra £15 per year in subs & levies to cover forecast increased running costs.  Levies will continue to be paid until the bank loan is repaid (See Appendix 2- Sub & levy detail attached for details.)
  • Grant aid & lottery funding will continue to be sought by the Club and the 10% scheme to individuals who obtains grant aid stimulated.

The Committee have been working on this development project for ten years to get two covered courts, to address capacity issues and obtain planning approval and improve finances.  The Club have made significant progress and with the continued support of our members, we will increase playing time (5 courts) and ensure reliability of Club programmes and play with covered courts.

If you wish further information or are prepared to help in any way please contact the Development Committee:

  • Kenny Bell (Chair) – 07810182846
  • Patrick Knowles – 07802388753
  • Ed Smyth – 07873143184
  • Chris Mitchell – 07740861423
  • William Boyd – 07841864112, or
  • George Lucas – 07802338938.