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Wed August 06 2014


Meet the new Director of Tennis, Ross McCarey. To check on availability for coaching classes, please get in touch with Ross directly on 07841 102494.

What attracted you to tennis?

I got into tennis mainly because my mum played tennis and wanted me to give it a try. I started to play at the Boat Club when I was 5 years old, quickly grew to love it and have been playing ever since.

Who taught you to play?

My first coach was Ben Neal. Ben coached soft tennis in the primary school I went to. Shortly after playing a bit in school I then joined squads at the Boat Club where Ben was the head coach. I was coached at the Boat Club for many years until I eventually joined the coaching team where I then worked alongside Ben for the last 5 years.

What does tennis mean to you?

Tennis means a lot to me. I don’t see tennis as just being my job but also a great hobby of mine. I still love to practice tennis to try improve my own game and play in leagues and tournaments as much as possible.  Allied to that, I’m a huge fan of the sport and watch as much tennis as I can on TV or in person.

Who is the most famous tennis player you have met?

I have met quite a few famous tennis players over the years and have been to both Wimbledon and Queens Club in the past, where I have been lucky enough to get photographs taken with players that include both Djokovic and Nadal. Having said that, I am a massive Federer fan and he would be the player I would love to meet most. Hopefully I will some day.

What else would you like to achieve in the game of tennis?

Now that I will be playing league tennis for Downshire, I would love it if next year we can win our division in either singles league or mixed league.

Who is your favourite player?

My favourite player has to be Roger Federer. I just love how stylish he looks on court and how effortless he seems when playing tennis.

What does DTC mean to you?

I can remember coming to play at DTC many times when I was a junior. I always loved coming to play at Downshire as the matches were always good fun and they would put on an impressive supper after. I have now been coaching at DTC for the last couple of months and have realised how friendly and wonderful a club it is, I am really looking forward to spending more and more time here.

What are your aspirations as DTC Coach?

There is already a great coaching program in place at Downshire set up by Stuart and I want to thank him for his guidance and encouragement to take on this job.  It’s wonderful to see how lots of people give up their time and are so involved within the club. My aim is to try and build the coaching programme even more through setting up initiatives with the local primary schools, increasing the amount of performance coaching to create some top quality players and offering more coaching to adult players within the club also.